Bridgestone 1985 MB-2 Bicycle Decal Set - For Shadow Blue Frame

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1985 Bridgestone MB-2

Colors as shown: Metallic Silver 620, Black, Tomato Red 13             

2 Bridgestone Top Tube decals                    Brid223

2 MB-2 Seat Tube decals                            Brid323 Small

1 4130 Tubing decal                                   Brid809

1 B headbadge with outline                         Brid709

1 Bridgestone Chain Stay Protector              Brid515

1 Made in Japan decal on chrome                Japa910

2 MB Handlebar decals                               Brid917

Chain Stay Protector covered in Glossy Laminate unless alternative set laminate selected

For additional color, model, and materials options, order from the Bridgestone Build-A-Set collection

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