Bridgestone 1992 MB-5 Bicycle Decal Set - For Red Frame

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Finish your 1992 Bridgestone restoration in style!

Colors shown: Traffic Grey, Black, White, Intense Red

Set includes:

2 Bridgestone Downtube decals with Shadow  Brid109
2 Bridgestone MB-5 Seat Tube Decals with Shadow  Brid335
2 Bridgestone MB-5 Top Tube Decals with Stripes Brid222
2 Bridgestone MB-5 Stay decals  Brid514
2 Bridgestone Super Tubing CrMo Fork decals   Brid802
1 Bridgestone Clear Chainstay Protector decal Brid509
1 Bridgestone B Headbadge Brid701
1 Tange MTB Cromo decal on Chrome Tang847
1 Made in Taiwan with Silver Boarder Taiw901


Chain Stay Protector printed on 2Mil Premium Vinyl with 4mil UV Glossy Laminate    160mm x 35mm
Tange Printed on Chrome Vinyl. 

For additional color, model, and materials options, order from our Build-A-Set collection






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