Bridgestone 1992 RB-2 Complete Decal Set - Blue/White Tusk Frame

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1992 Bridgestone RB-2 Bicycle Decal Set

Colors Shown: White, Intense Red, Black, Sapphire Blue, Olympic Blue, Yellow, Metallic Silver 620
Set includes:
2 Bridgestone Down tube decals                                                        Brid103
2 RB-2 Top tube decals with flags                                                      Brid208
2 RB-2 Seat tube decals                                                                    Brid303
1 Clear Chain Stay Protector with White Letters (grey represents clear) Brid509
1 Made in Japan Chrome decal                                                         Japa910
1 B Head badge decal                                                                        Brid707
2 Bridgestone CrMo Super Tubing Fork Decals                                 Brid802
1 Ishiwata Croston EXT Triple Butted Tubing Decal on Chrome.       Ishi814
1 Set of Chevrons (2 Stay, 1 Seat Tube, 1 Downtube)                       Brid916

Colors as shown


For additional color, model, and materials options, order from the Bridgestone Build-A-Set collection

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