Clear Coating

Please note: 

Item DS125 below is now item PAE114




SprayMax 2k Clear

The SprayMax 2k clear spray paint contain solvents that will melt the ink on the decals. There is a way to successfully use this clear. By spraying several very light coats over the decals, you will create a clear coat barrier that will allow you to spray a medium finish clear coat. 


Here are the overall recommended instructions (from start to finish):

  1. Make sure your color coat has cured. Because the paint contains solvents, they out gas as they cure. This causes bubbles to form behind the decal. The best is to let the frame cure for 2 weeks or longer (follow paint manufacturer instructions).

  2. When you apply the clear, it is best to use several light coats, again the paint contains solvents that affect the decal ink and could cause it to run if sprayed to heavy. Build up several light coats of clear (let the coats set up before applying the next one). This is forming a barrier coat of clear that will protect the decals for the next step. How many Light coats? You will want to put on enough light coats to cover the decals entirely (I do not know how many it will take as everyone sprays paint differently). Start by spraying farther back from the surface, continue the light coats until the decal is covered letting the paint dry between coats. When you put the final clear coat on, you want enough previous coats there so the fresh paint does not melt through the light coats you placed earlier. Once you have practiced the technique, you will have a better understanding on how it works.

  3. Then apply your finish clear coat(s).