Colnago Super 1978 Bob Shaver Edition Bicycle Decal Set

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COLNAGO SUPER 1978 Bob Shaver Edition Bicycle Decal Set
Set includes:
2 Colnago Down tube decals: Large Coln109
1 Colnago Seat tube decal with stripe Coln322
2 Colnago Super Stay decals Coln508
1 Campagnolo Tubing decal Camp808
1 Colnago Bold Head badge decal, Coln709
2 Signature decals: Large Coln901
1 Columbus Decal Mirror Gold with White Bird  Colu802

Colors: Yellow 15, Black, Mirror Gold, Royal blue, Green Tomato Red, Intense Red, Olympic Blue

For additional color and materials options, order from the  Colnago Build-A-Set collection



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