Fuji Touring Series III 1984 Bicycle Decal Set

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Fuji Touring Series IV 1984 Bicycle Decal Set 

Colors shown: Burgundy, Black Outline, Cobalt Blue, Tomato Red, 

2 Fuji Touring Series III Down tube decals    Fuji128
2 Fuji Touring Series III Top tube decals       Fuji208
2 Seat tube decals                                           Fuji304
2 Olympic stripes for seat tube                      Fuji911
1 1769 Valite tubing decal                              Fuji809
1 Made in Japan decal                                    Japa905
2 Valite top tube decals.                                 Fuji211
2 Valite fork decals large                                Fuji404
1 Fuji Chrome Headbadge                             Fuji705
1 Clear Chain Stay Protector, Cut from 2Mil with Glossy laminate. Laminate choice will change the finish of this decal CSP501
Colors and model as shown
For additional color, model, and materials options, order from the Fuji Build-A-Set collection
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