How to Remove Old Decals

How to remove old decals

Tools and materials needed:

Plastic card (old credit or gift card will do)
Soft cotton
Rags (old T-shirt)
Goof off, naphtha or 3M adhesive remover (most of these are available at your local hardware or paint store).

Do Not Use Lacquer thinner! It will melt your paint.
  • Set hairdryer on to hot or medium hot
  • Heat up both the graphic and the glue till hot enough to remove vinyl
  • Do not touch with fingers as it will burn
  • Use plastic card to try to lift a corner of the decal enough to grasp
  • Slowly pull the decal back against itself
  • If it seems to be stretching much, stop and reheat
  • Some glue will be left behind
  • After surface cools, put some adhesive remover on a rag and place against surface until glue softens
  • With a clean rag and more solvent, rub until clean
  • Glue might also roll and come off in little pieces

  • Use soap and water to clean area of solvents