Installation Instructions - Waterslide




        To mount your waterslide decals, gather the following supplies:

  • Container large enough to hold entire decal and at least 1"(3cm) of water
  • Paper towels
  • Scissors
  • Soft  camel hair paint brush approx 1/2" wide (optional)



1.  Use scissors to trim decals within 1/8" (2mm) from design (be careful not to cut into design)

2.  Fill container with about 1" of lukewarm water.

3.  Submerge decal for about 1 minute.  Decal paper may curl, but will eventually relax

4.  Carefully lift the decal, with backing paper, from the water and place on paper towel, face up, to drain

5.  The decal should easily slide on the paper.  If it doesn't, place it back into the water for another 30 seconds

6.  Slide the decal onto the tube in the place you want it.  As long as the decal is thoroughly wet, it can be moved with wet fingers or wet camel hair brush

7.  When you are satisfied with placement, lightly pat dry with a paper towel

8.  Any air bubbles will likely disappear on their own

9.  Let decal dry overnight

10. If there are still air bubbles, prick with a very fine needle or new #11 Xacto blade.  Us the artist brush dipped in water to seal the pocket.  Allow several hours again to dry.




1.  Clear coat with several light coats of an automotive acrylic urethane clear, such as Dupli-color clear

2.  For the first few coats, completely cover with barely a dusting

3.  Do not use automotive clear lacquer.  It will destroy your decals