Materials / Laminates



Material recommendations:

On top of clear:

Material thickness is really only an issue when you want a no edge finish under a clear coat. If you are placing the decals on top of a clear coat, then 2Mil will work fine. If you want to add an extra layer of protection for the print, then we suggest adding a UV Laminate. This will protect the decal from abrasion, solvents, sun damage, and will make the decal last twice as long. 

1Mil is a great option for the frames you want to have a close to no edge finish.  Adding laminate on top of 1Mil will make it 2Mil which is still very thin. 

Waterslide is not recommended for applications without a clearcoat. Waterslide requires a clear coat to seal the product into place. 

Below a clear coat:

1Mil, 2Mil or waterslide are great for this application. 

2Mil will leave a slightly raised edge under the clear. This type of look is sometimes stock, depending on the frame model and year. 

1Mil with a clear coat can achieve a no edge finish. This material thickness is usually what we recommend for all under coat applications. It is far easier to work with than waterslide and the end results are comparable. 

Waterslide is a great option for the experienced restorer. It is less than ½Mil thick and can easily be covered with a clear coat to achieve a no edge finish. Waterslide is one of the more difficult materials to work with. It requires as little handling as possible, while maintaining accuracy in the application process. Waterslide is not recommended for large wraps or long decals

Moving Waterslide material around too much, leaving it to soak for too long, leaving it to dry for too long before sealing, are all things that can affect this material and the adhesion on the surface. Overhandling and over soaking can cause the Waterslide's natural glues to dissolve. When applied and dried, this issue will show up as “silvering”. This is a disconnection between the decal material and the part it is applied to. A method to fix some silvering, provided there is still glue present under the decal, is to use the product “Microsol” on top of the decal. This solution will not damage your decal. It will allow you a closer bond of the decal to the finished part.