Materials / Laminates



Material recommendations:

On top of clear:

Material thickness is really only an issue when you want a no edge finish under a clear coat. If you are placing the decals on top of a clear coat, then 2Mil will work fine. If you want to add an extra layer of protection for the print, then we suggest adding a UV Laminate. This will protect the decal from abrasion, solvents, sun damage, and will make the decal last twice as long. 

1Mil is a great option for the frames you want to have a close to no edge finish.  Adding laminate on top of 1Mil will make it 2Mil which is still very thin. 

Below a clear coat:

1Mil or 2Mil are great for this application. 

2Mil will leave a slightly raised edge under the clear. This type of look is sometimes stock, depending on the frame model and year. 

1Mil with a clear coat can achieve a no edge finish. This material thickness is usually what we recommend for all under coat applications. It is far easier to work with than waterslide and the end results are comparable.