Plastic Razor Blades - Set of 2 (sku 659)

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Plastic Razor Blades Set of 2

Item No. 659

These durable blades are useful for modifying the decals to fit your needs. is your best resource for vintage bicycle
decals because we
  • use only the best clear PVC vinyls which are thin and UV resistant
  • use only solid color inks to assure bright bold colors
  • enhance lighter colors with a solid white primer backing
  • meticulously print each color with registration held within exacting standards
  • die cut each decal for easy installation
  • use premium cast vinyl which can be clear-coated with 2-part acrylic urethan automotove paint
  • stand behind our decals with our 100% satisfaction guaranty
Plastic Razor Blades - Set of 2 (sku 659)

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