Raving Fans

Raving Fans (what our customers say about our product):


These are hands down the best decals I've ever used. The best.  J. Jackson

Velocals, You hit the nail on the head with the decals.  Simply awesome!  They look as good if not better than the originals.  They will be the last finishing touch to my restoration on my bike.  Thank you for all your help and I will be quick to recommend you to everyone in need of quality work.  Hopefully I will have the chance to use your services again in the future.  Thanks again.  Gerald

Hi Velocals, I got the decals today.  They are beautiful.  Thanks so much for the extra one and also the express mail.  It's amazing also how you figure out the size of the decal to fit on the frame. Thanks again.  Don

Velocals, Got the decals, they look great!!  I'll recommend you to all my buddies needing decals.  Ken

Velocals, The decals look perfect.  Absolutely amazing.  Thank you, Jack

Hi Velocals, got the decals yesterday and put them on today, first rate!  John

Hi Velocals.  First thanks much for the Schwinn Super Sport decals.  They turned out terrific.  Thanks!  Neal

Velocals,  Received the decals.  They were PERFECT.  Couldn't have asked for anything better.  Your quick response saved me a customer.  Much appreciated.  Thanks, Don

Velocals,  I got them today - they are great, just what I wanted.  Jan

Dear Velocals,  The decals arrived this afternoon in perfect condition, and they are simply beautiful and actually better than the original!!!  Thanks for your great work!!!  Thanks for the instructions; they will be very helpful indeed.  Carlo

Velocals,  the decals look better than I expected!!!!  Thanks so much I'm really pleased,  David

Velocals:  Decals received and they look AWESOME!  . . . . . the colors you chose ar a fantastic match.  Thanks for the AWESOME decals!  Cp.

Velocals,  The decals arrived today.  They look perfect.  Thank you.  Jay

Velocals,  That decal wrap is mind blowing!!  It's going to look so good when I get a chance to apply it  Thanks again!  Scott

Velocals - I received the decals today and they look fantastic!  Thanks so much.  The Pemberton is going to look very sharp. -Kevin

Hey Velocals, I got the decals.  Great job!  I'm a mechanic at a shop and will tell everyone I can about you guys.  Cheers, Leo

Velocals,  Just got the Trek 520 decals and they look fantastic!  I really appreciate the quality you provide.  Lynn

Hey Velocals, got the dcecals and put them on thes morning.  They really look great.  I'm sure I'll be ordering from you again.  Randy

Velocals, the decals arrived today and they look great!  Thanks very much for the prompt service and excellent product at a very reasonable price.  Stan

Velocals, got the decals and they look great.  The instructions (both on line and in print) were also extremely useful.  Andy

Hi Velocals,  These look magnificent!  I am so impressed with the layout color and replication of the original, especially so considering that we didn't have an original flat decal set to work with.  I have been a model maker for decades and appreciate the precision.  George

Dear Velocals,  You duplicated so perfectly the "Monti" decals.  They were no less than perfect . . . Your instructions and DVDE were very, very helpful.  Carlo