Schwinn 1977 Le Tour 2 Bicycle Decal Set - Red Frame

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Schwinn 1977 Le Tour II  Set

Metallic Silver 620, Black

Set includes:

2 SCHWINN down tube decals  (6.375" or 162mm long)          Schw104 Small
2 LE TOUR II top tube decals                                                      Schw214 Small
2 Olympic stripe fork decals                                                        Schw919 Small
2 Olympic stripes seat tube decals                                             Schw919 Large
1 SCHWINN made in Japan head badge decal                           Schw350 
1 Schwinn Caution decal                                                             Schw908 Large
1 Schwinn X-tralite decal                                                           Schw906

Colors and model as shown
For additional color, model, and materials options, order from our Build-A-Set collection

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