Schwinn KOM S7 Decal Set

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Schwinn KOM S7 Set

Colors Shown:

Orange Kumquat 74

Metallic Silver 620


Intense Red 663

Olympic Blue/Cyan



Set Includes:

2 Schwinn Seat Tube Decals                    249mm x 23mm
2 KOM S7 MOS Top Tube Decals              205mm x 23mm
2 Team Issue CR-MO Handlebar Chrome Decals 49mm x 15mm
2 Team Issue CR-MO Stem Chrome Decals  49mm x 15mm
2 Team Issue Top Tube Decals               27mm x 12mm
2 G-Force Fork Decals                             27mm x 51mm
1 G-Force Stays Decal                             76mm x 13mm
1 Schwinn Quality Made in Japan Decal  35mm x 50mm
2 Fork Vertical Schwinn Decals             22mm x 165mm
2 Seat Stay Vertical Schwinn Decals     22mm x 165mm
1 MTB Tubing Decal                               35mm x 56mm
1 Caution decal, white 

Colors and model as shown
For additional color, model, and materials options, order from our Build-A-Set collection

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