Specialized 1989 Stump Jumper Complete Decal Set - Ivory/Burgundy Frame

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Specialized Stump Jumper decal set

Colors shown:  Lemon Yellow Letters, True Blue 617 Shadow, Light Purple Swash, Black Outline

Flag is Red, White, Blue and Metallic Copper. 

Grey background for contrast only


Parts shown:

1 Stump Jumper Downtube Wrap - Spec116

1 Specialized Top Tube Wrap - Spec210 

1 Specialized Head Badge - Spec710 

1 Specialized Seat Tube Tubing Decal - Spec317

1 Designed in USA-Made in Taiwan Chain Stay Decal - Spec906

1 Clear Specialized Chain Stay protector with black letters - Spec512

Chainstay Protector in Clear with black letters. Covered in Glossy Laminate unless alternative set laminate selected

Colors and model as shown
For additional color, model, and materials options, order from our Build-A-Set collection

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