Specialized 1992 Stump Jumper Complete Decal Set - For Purple Frame

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1992 StumpJumper Complete Decal Set

Intense Red with Metallic Dark Grey Shadow

Set includes:
2 StumpJumper Down Tube decals           Spec129
2 Specialized Top Tube  decals                  Spec218
1 Headbadge S (Choose Size)                    Spec722
   Small = 63mm Tall
   Medium = 73mm Tall
   Large = 88mm Tall
1 Specialized Off Road Tange Tubing Decal    Spec818
2 Direct Drive Fork decals                               Spec852
2 Direct Drive Chain Stay decal                      Spec852
1 Made in California USA stay decal               Spec903
1 Black Chain Stay protector with  Glossy Laminate Spec513 (Adding Laminate to set will change the laminate for this decal to compensate)


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