Trek 1984 - 420 Series Complete Decal Set

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1984 Trek 420 Complete Set

Grey Background in photo for contrast only. Decals printed on clear  unless otherwise noted.

Set includes:

2 Trek 420 Downtube decals                                                                  190mm x 27mm
2 400 Series Top Tube decals                                                                101mm x 27mm
2 Trek T Waterloo Seat Tube decals                                                      20mm x 32mm
1 Trek Rear Seat Tube small decal                                                         6mm x 50mm
1 Trek 420 Chain Stay Protector decal                                                  241mm x 40mm
1 Mirror Gold and Black Headbadge                                                      Choose Size: (Small 53mm x 31mm) or (Large 65mm x 37mm)
1 Tange Mangaloy 2001 Tubing Decal                                                   36mm x 29mm
2 Trek Vertical Fork Decals                                                                    141mm x 18mm
Colors:  Ruby Red 53, Metallic Silver 620, Metallic Gold 631, Black, White
Chainstay Protector in Black, Ruby Red, Silver. Covered in Glossy Laminate unless alternative set laminate selected

Colors and model as shown
For additional color, model, and materials options, order from our Build-A-Set collection

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