Trek 1992 1200 Aluminum Series Complete Decal Set

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Finish your 1992 TREK 1200 Aluminum restoration in style!

Set includes:

2 Trek Down Tube decals                                                                 190mm x 28mm
2 Aluminum Top Tube decals                                                           190mm x 15mm
2 1200 Seat Tube decal                                                                    96mm x 24mm
1 Trek American Bicycle Technology Chain Stay Protector decal  184mm x 34mm
1 Chrome and Black Headbadge                                                      35mm x 55mm
2 Designed & Manufactured USA                                                     66mm x 13mm
1 Easton E9 ProGram Aluminum Alloy Tubing Decal                      24mm x 32mm
2 Cro-Moly Fork decals                                                                     25mm x 18mm
Colors:  Aqua 176, Intense 47, Kumquat
Chainstay Protector in Traffic Grey and white. Covered in Glossy Laminate unless alternative set laminate selected

Premium cast 2 mil vinyl / Colors and model as shown
For additional color, model, and materials options, order from our Build-A-Set collection

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